Telephone Products
FX-207 PBX System is the best low cost, high quality PABX for
today's telecommunication needs. It offers most of the features
available in much more expensive PBX units without using any
high-priced KEY PHONE unit.

The special voice feature allows you to record your own greeting to
direct outside callers. No telephone operator is needed. Whether for
a home or a small business, its money saving pays for itself almost
FX-416 PBX System is the most versatile and affordable telephone
system for small offices and other places of business with an array of
features specifically designed to enhance communication capabilities
in and out of the office.

The Caller ID, Automated Attendant, Fax Tone Detection, PC
Programmable, Alarm/Timer, Toll Restriction, Call Forwarding, and
many more.... Make it the one and only PBX you need.
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Telephone Products