Various Services
We also offer various services:

Circuit Design            We have a knowledgeable and an experienced engineering team,
digital or analog, hardware or software, we will make it to your satisfaction.
       ** *Charge by project or by hours***
PCB Layout and Prototyping           We have advanced CAD/CAM equipment and well
trained assembly staff working around the clock to service you with quality jobs and fast
OEM Customizing           With highly automated manufacturing facilities, the production
will be tailored to your specific requirements. Many reputable multinational companies
are our customers.
Marketing Development          We provide extensive marketing research, effective
marketing strategy and a responsive sales channel.

As experienced professionals, we bring significant advantages to the development of your
products. You can immediately leverage our hard earned expertise. For additional information
or specific needs of services, please contact us.

KCE Technology Corporation
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                KWAN CHIU RADIO MFG. CO.,LTD
                202 Shin Chiang Road
                Yang-Mei, Taiwan, ROC
                TEL: (8863) 478-1151
                FAX: (8863) 475-4543
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