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Sales & Customer Service             We're here to help answer whatever questions you may
have about KCE and the products, services, and solutions we offer.  

             Phone:      (714) 255-8189-208(USA)
             FAX:           (714) 255-1531(USA)

Global Offices          For your convenience, we've provided information about the cities,
addresses to our global offices in the worldwide.

             KCE Technology Corporation
             480 Apollo Street, Suite D
             Brea, CA 92821
             Phone:      (714) 255-8189-208(USA)
             FAX:           (714) 255-1531(USA)

            202 Shin Chiang Road
            Yang-Mei, Taiwan
            Phone:      (8863) 478-1151
            FAX:           (8863) 475-4543
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480 Apollo Street, Suite D, Brea, CA 92821, U.S.A