Audio Products
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Audio Products
Model P-1030 High Quality PC Multi-Media Sound System with
Sub-Woofer - Dual inputs - Protection circuit - Fully powered -
Deep bass - Brilliant highs

Do not mistake this with many other cheap units. It is made of high end
audio components. P-1030 produces superb sound quality as good as
those high end audio gears selling for thousands of dollars. Great for
portable stereo too!
Model P-2000 Home Theater Surround Sound System - Dolby
Pro-Logic Surround - 5 speakers plus sub-woofer - Remote
control - Two 8 inch sub woofer Drivers

The P-2000 Home Theater Surround Sound System provides theater
quality Dolby Pro-Logic Surround sound. It is a must have companion for
your big screen TV. At convenience of your own home, you can enjoy all
the same exciting effects as those in the movie theater.
Model P1100 3D Sound System - Dual inputs - Protection
circuit - Fully powered - Remarkable bass - Crystal clear highs

Enjoy your private TV, mini CD/stereo in your room but still feel missing
something? The exciting dynamic sound and movement still leave at
the living room? You need add this P1100 3D sound system. The
outstanding 3D sound image and trembling effect will fulfill that
missing part.
Arriba Series - High End Audio Gear
Model P-3010 Arriba Pre-Amplifier
Arriba MOSFET Power Amplifier
Model P-5060 .... 60 X 2 Watt
Model P-5120 ... 120 X 2 Watt
Model P-5180 ... 180 X 2 Watt
Arriba High Fidelity Speakers
Model AS-2060 ... 2 way 6.5 inch
Model AS-2070 ... 2 way 8 inch
Model AS-3100 ... 3 way 10 inch
Model P-9600      Karaoke ( sign along ) -
Music key control - Wireless mic - ProLogic
decoder - Remote control
Model CS-1000   Car Stereo Woofers