About Our Business
KCE Technology Corporation is an  USA incorporated Company and affiliated with KCR, a
Taiwan based major manufacturer specializing in consumer electronics and a variety of OEM

As an US representative and customer service organization of
KCR, this company was
established in 1987. While conducting the primary goal of serving OEM projects and marketing
many consumer electronics products,
KCE Technology expanded the operation in 1990. We now
provide a full line of services in research and development, engineering service from design,
prototyping, production, testing and marketing development.

KCE Technology with technical advances, high quality and competitive products, our service
oriented sales and manufacturing operations have ample capacity to support all our customer
needs. To preserve our leading position in the market place,
KCE Technology will continue its
marketing strategy and provide the best products to our customers.

Going into the 22st century, planet earth is becoming an inseparable living body setting aside the
differences barriers of cultures, languages, races, political systems and religions.
is committed in supporting the environment so that can share information and natural
resources with each other, solve problems together, and thus create a truly harmonious "Earth
About Us
For additional information or your specific need of services, please call (714) 255-8189 or send
email to
sales@kcetech.com We want to help you. Please read our terms and conditions for
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